PLUG Mini Blow Dryer [Detachable]
Best PLUG Mini Blow Dryer [Detachable]
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PLUG Mini Blow Dryer (Detachable)

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Take your look anywhere with the PLUG collection's Mini Blow Dryer. Perfect for traveling and touch-ups, this professional-grade dryer is compact and lightweight, so you can store it in your bag or pack it in your luggage. Available in pink and white, you won't want to leave home without it!

More about PLUG Mini Blow Dryer

Give yourself a salon treatment without leaving the house with the newest PLUG Mini Detachable Blow Dryer from CROC® Hair Professional - perfect for creating all sorts of hairstyles or taming difficult tangles! Get it now.

 Features - PLUG Mini Blow Dryer [Detachable] 

 One detachable cord can be used by all 4 PLUG tools

 Comes with Euro Cord Adapter 

  Dual voltage AC 120-240V

 Small and compact

 Powerful 50-60Hz / 800W

*While cord is detachable, the CROC PLUG Mini Blow Dryer only works while plugged in* 


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