CROC Magic Nozzle (Blow Dryer Attachment)

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The Magic Nozzle blow dryer attachment is designed to rapidly smooth the hair cuticle, saving you time on styling. Titanium rollers heat up quickly when your dryer is turned on, decreasing drying time by 30%, and increasing heat intensity by 20%!

Features - CROC Magic Nozzle

Universal Design: Fits Standard Professional Hair Dryers

Travel Ready: Detachable and Light

Non-Stick: Easy to Clean and Does Not Stick to Hair

Saves Time: Improves Heat by 20% and 30% Fast Dry-Time

Reduces Hair Odor: Hot rollers kill bacteria (odors) on contact.

Add Shine: Heat seals cuticle for more shine.

 Magic Nozzle is compatible with all Croc Blow Dryers except for (Compact, Italia, Tu'kay, 2k2, & travel size dryers).