CROC Silicone Diffuser (Blow Dryer Attachment)

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This heat resistant Silicone Diffuser (Blow Dryer Attachment) is the perfect accessory for your CROC Blow Dryer. With its folding structure, it is easy to store, making it a great space saving tool.

More about CROC Silicone Diffuser

  • Specially Designed Space Saving Folding Structure & Lightweight
  • High Quality Silicone – Protection from Heat
  • Universal for most hair dryers, part matching
  • Dries hair rapidly and softly
  • Ideal for essential oil hair
  • Diameter: 5cm(inner), 13.5cm(outer)
  • Height: 5.8cm(min), 11.5cm(max)

**The diffuser is applicable to all Croc Blow Dryers except for Compact, Italia Gold, and travel size Dryers.**