ICE Digital Blow Dryer

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The ICE Digital Blow Dryer is perfect to use at home. It is our best dryer from our Retail Line! This dryer has total digital quality of intelligent circuit and is the best example of the technological advances that we have achieved at TURBO ION. Sensors that monitor changes in air flow and temperature are able to automatically adjust to compensate for the use of energy, which prolongs the life of the dryer. Our ICE Dryer provides a temperature of up to 230ºF. It is lightweight, only 13 oz!  This allows you to create quick and easy styles with minimal effort. 

  • Intelligent digital circuit dryer
  • Precise temperature control
  • Silent blades that reduce noise to only 56 dB
  • Soft housing for more control
  • 1500W / 120V DC motor
  • Light (13 oz.)
  • Temperature up to 230ºF
  • 8.5-foot long cable