Infrared VS Non-Infrared

What's the difference? Infrared

      Everyone's been asking...
"What's the difference between your Regular, and your  Infrared flat irons?"

Below is a visual comparison of the three key differences you'll see using the infrared flat iron vs our regular titanium.  As you use the Infrared flat iron, your hair will become noticeably softer feeling and healthier looking overtime. The Infrared penetrates the cortex of the hair when you style to further protect the integrity of your hair. How does this work? The thermal conduction creates a uniform temperature inside and out which prevents less friction and damage, as well as eliminating the bad bacteria and odors!  


Infrared VS Titanium

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A portion of the hair sample was taken and supported on a sample carrier to be analyzed by SEM-EDX. Another portion of the hair sample was subjected to an ironing treatment with the CROC Professional INFRARED iron which was heated to 380 °F and then the Infrared function was activated, the strand of hair was ironed 4 times.
The analysis of the samples was carried out in a JEOL JSM-6010PLUS/LA scanning electron microscope (SEM), using an acceleration voltage of
15 kV. Elemental analysis by energy disperse spectroscopy (EDX) was performed with a JEOL EX94400T4L11 Dry SD detector. Images were acquired and EDX analysis of elemental mapping type were made. The results of the relative quantification of elements are reported in percent by weight (mass%) and in atomic percent (Atom%). The results are presented below in the form of images and tables.
This report presents the micrographs and analysis acquired for 2 human hair samples before and after an ironing process.
Representative images were obtained of the samples identified as 20/2453-001 Hair sample 18 Nov 13:53pm. and 20/2483-002 Hair sample 18 Nov 13:53pm. Table 1 shows the comparative images of each of the two samples.
In both cases the surface of the hair was inspected to observe the cuticle or outer layer. In the hair sample 18 Nov 13:53pm I can see the irregular overlap of the cuticle with a slight lifting of it, that is, in some layers I can see material in shiny tone embedded. Compared to the Hair Sample 18 Nov 13:53pm Ironing, the cuticle surface is seen to be better sealed or aligned which leads to a visually smoother surface.
Before and After Micro shots
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