Trending: Top Curly Bangs Hairstyles to Refresh Your Look

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The myth that curly hair and bangs don’t mix has been thoroughly debunked. Today’s style scene celebrates curly bangs as a statement of unabashed individuality. Whether you’re blessed with natural spirals or crafting curls with the latest styling tools, there's a curly bangs look that's perfect for you.


Mastering curly bangs requires a combination of a great haircut and savvy styling techniques. With essential tools like a high-quality blow dryer and a versatile curling iron, plus a handful of expert tips, you’re all set to join the ranks of curly bangs aficionados.

How to Make Curly Bangs Your Signature Style

Bangs are deeply personal, and those with curls know one cut does not fit all. Curly bangs can be as unique as the individual wearing them, and there's a range of styles to consider:


Curtain Curly Bangs: These bangs part like curtains, framing your face with a soft, center split that transitions into longer lengths towards your temples.

Blunt Curly Bangs: Think of a bold, straight-across cut that aligns with your eyebrows or dares to venture higher, defining your look with a decisive edge.

Wispy Curly Bangs: If you’re after a subtler touch, wispy bangs offer a delicate, feathered approach, cutting just a few strands to create a gentle effect.

Choosing the right bangs style involves considering your face shape and hair’s unique texture. Soft, tapered bangs can soften angular lines, while a thick, blunt cut might be the statement piece for those with rounder faces. But, at the end of the day, the right style is the one that feels true to you.


Preparation is key when you’re ready for the chop. Supply your stylist with visual examples to ensure clarity in achieving your desired bang style. 


Discuss these essential considerations to tailor the perfect fringe:


Length: Decide on the ideal point where your curly bangs will fall on your forehead.

Thickness: Do you wish for a peek-a-boo effect or a full, lush canopy?

Shape: Whether it’s straight, arched, or sculpted, your bangs should integrate seamlessly with your hairstyle.

Four diverse women with different curly hairstyles inspire versatility in curly hair bang trend.
Curly Hair Bang Trend on Different Hair Types

1. Styling Curly Bangs with Long Layers

Curly bangs are a dramatic companion to long, flowing layers. For a natural yet polished look, dry your hair using a diffuser attached to an ionic hair dryer. This technique encourages the hair's inherent curl pattern while minimizing frizz. For finishing touches, a 0.75" curling wand from our Hybrid Curling Irons can redefine any unruly curls, particularly around the face, ensuring a harmonious curl from root to tip.

2. Revamping the Shag with Curly Bangs and Color Accents

Infuse your shag haircut with vibrancy by adding curly bangs with a pop of color. Use a 1" curling iron to create voluminous curls right from the roots, ensuring your bangs flow cohesively with the dynamic layers of your shag.

3. Elevating a Curly or Coily Bob with Bangs

Bangs on coily hair offer an exquisite, halo-like frame. Styling with a diffuser on a gentle heat setting preserves the integrity of each coil, producing a chic, full-bodied appearance. Save the bangs for last during the diffusing process, as they will dry quicker due to their shorter length.

4. Caring for Color-Treated Curly Bangs

Color-treated curls crave moisture and gentle handling. When using a curling iron on dyed hair, opt for a lower temperature setting to keep your curls vibrant and healthy. Use a narrow-barrel iron for precision and gently tug on each curl post-styling to blend them naturally with your overall look.

Achieving Flawless Curly Bangs with Professional Tools

The secret to stunning curly bangs lies in the use of premium styling tools that offer precision and protection.CROC® styling tools are designed to enhance the beauty of your curls without excessive heat damage. Embrace your natural texture or create the curls you covet, and let your curly bangs be the highlight of your personal style narrative. Enjoy the journey to luscious, face-framing curly bangs that are as unique as you are. Happy styling!

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