Silitone Hair Brush (25mm - 53mm)

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Croc's Silitone Round Hair Brush is a revolutionary static free hair brush designed to make heat styling easier than ever! Patented (patent # US 8,196,592), this lightweight, ergonomic hair brush is made from Silitone - a blend of silicone and vitone - for anti-bacterial protection and anti-static. With an angled handle for effortless rotation and styling, the durable silicone strip helps you to control the flow and cut down on drying time. The ionic charged bristles add shine and smooth your hair with every stroke. Choose from four sizes - 25mm, 33mm, 43mm or 53mm - and get the perfect styling tool for you!

Key Features- Silitone Static Free Hair brush

  • Unique Anti-Slip Grip
  • Ionic Bristles 
  • Heat resistant
  • Vented Barrel (Increased Airflow + Faster Dry Time)
  • Static-Free 

*Various sizes sold separately - not sold as a set.