Infrared vs. Non-Infrared Hair Tools: Choosing the Best for Your Hair

Discover hassle-free styling with infrared hair tools.

Women love to experiment with different hairstyles, and for that, they use different hair tools. Their personality may be seen in how they style their hair and make fashion choices. The use of various hair tools helps to obtain the ideal hairdo, whether for a casual day out, a formal function, or to revitalize their everyday appearance.

Infrared and non-infrared hair tools are the two major types of hair tools. The heat from infrared hair tools enters the hair shaft and dries the hair from the inside out. These appliances are made to minimize damage to hair and deliver quicker, more effective style results. On the other hand, non-infrared hair tools heat and style hair using standard heating components. They are less expensive than infrared irons but can cause hair damage if used incorrectly. 

Infrared curling irons, straighteners, and hair dryers are a few examples of infrared hair appliances. Due to their reputation for minimizing hair damage and supporting the preservation of the hair's natural moisture, these tools are growing in popularity. On the other hand, typical hair dryers, straighteners, and curling irons are examples of non-infrared hair tools. 

The final decision on a hair tool is determined by personal taste, hair type, and intended hairdo. It is crucial to use hair tools properly and correctly to prevent hair damage, and it is always advised to stick to the manufacturer's instructions.

What is infrared heat?

 Although invisible to the human eye, this electromagnetic radiation, known as infrared heat creates deep penetrating temperature that straightens the hair faster. Many things can emit infrared heat, including fire, sun, and electrical heating devices.

In the context of hair tools, some hair dryers, straighteners, and curling irons use infrared heat to dry and style hair. It is said that this type of  radiation minimizes damage to hair and produces a quicker, more effective style. Additionally, it's said that tools with infrared heat keep the hair's natural moisture level and prevent frizzy hair.

Features of infrared and non-infrared flat irons

It is recommended to must follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and to use hair tools safely and responsibly.

Infrared hair tools

Infrared hair tools are hair styling tools that use infrared technology to dry and style hair. They are available in various forms, including:

  1. Hair dryers
  2. Hair straighteners
  3. Curling irons

Individuals with chemically treated hair, keratin or straightening treatments, color-treated hair, or hair botox can tools with this type of heating. However, there are some precautions to remember, like using tools in low-temperature settings, etc.

You must remember that not all infrared hair tools are made equally and that others can be safer and more effective than others. It is always advised to use hair tools carefully and sensibly and to obey the manufacturer's advice and instructions.

Infrared hair dryers

Hair dries faster and more effectively with infrared hair dryers than regular dryers. Unlike standard hair dryers that only heat the air around the hair, infrared hair dryers heat the hair from the inside out. An infrared hair dryer has several advantages, such as:

  1. Faster drying times
  2. Less hair damage
  3. Reduced frizz

Infrared hair straighteners

The use of infrared technology in infrared hair straighteners, which heat the hair from the inside out, allows for the inner straightening of hair.

This process uses infrared radiation, which offers many advantages, such as:

  1. Reduced heat damage
  2. Faster styling times
  3. Smoother, shinier results

Choosing a good quality infrared hair straightener is important for good and desired outcomes, so check products at Croc, a well-known brand offering you high-quality hair tools and products.

Advantages of infrared flat irons

Infrared flat iron and infrared straightener offer several advantages over traditional flat irons. Here are the benefits of using infrared flat irons:


  1. Faster styling time
  2. Smoother, shinier hair
  3. Less heat damage
  4. Long-lasting result
  5. Versatile styling options

Infrared flat iron work efficiently and can also be used to make different and unique hairstyles on all kinds of hair, whether medium or short hair, normal hair, or damaged hair. As flat iron use is very easy, the few hairstyles that can be created using an infrared flat iron or infrared straightener are:

  1. Sleek and straight hair
  2. Beach waves
  3. Textured bob
  4. Half-up, half-down hairstyle
  5. Braids
Infrared hair tools can be a great choice for various hair types and hair styles

Infrared curling irons

Infrared curling irons are style appliances for hair that utilize infrared technology to curl hair. They are meant to deliver quicker, more effective styling outcomes with less heat damage.

Discover the science behind infrared technology and how it benefits your hair, including faster styling time, less damage, and improved shine.

By using the infrared curling iron, you can experience the following:

  1. Reduced heat damage
  2. Longer-lasting curls.
  3. Faster styling times

Non-infrared hair tools

Traditional hair styling tools, such as ceramic, tourmaline, titanium, or metal plates, are examples of non-infrared hair tools. They use a range of heating processes to style hair. Several popular non-infrared irons and other tools are listed below:

Ceramic non-infrared flat irons:

Ceramic irons use ceramic plates, which reduce hot spots and distribute heat evenly. These ceramic irons help protect hair from harm and produce a smooth, glossy finish.

Ceramic surfaces emit negative ions that work to balance the positive ions in hair and lessen static and frizz. Moreover, they are also gentle on hair, which makes it easier to style hair effectively.

Tourmaline flat irons:

Negative ions produced by the tourmaline-infused plates used in tourmaline flat irons assist in sealing the hair cuticle and reducing frizz. These flat irons are made to produce hair that is glossy and frizz-free and makes hair smooth.

Compared to metal plates, which can get extremely hot and cause burning or scorching, tourmaline plates are kinder and produce only gentle heat. This lessens the risk of damage and breakage.

They can be used on various hair types, from thick and coarse hair to fine, fragile, or thin hair. You might use it on damaged hair by first prepping hair with some precautions.

Titanium flat irons:

Non-infrared flat irons made of titanium employ titanium plates that heat up quickly and provide even and consistent heat. These flat irons are made for individuals with coarse or thick hair and need considerable heat. Due to the flat surface of titanium plates, they can pass through hair without pulling or snagging it.

Titanium infrared flat irons are a well-liked option for anyone seeking strong, light flat irons that may heat up rapidly and offer effective styling. High heat conductivity, smoother plates, durability, adaptability, and lightweight design are advantages they provide.

Hot rollers:

Hair curls and waves are produced using hot rollers using heat. Compared to traditional curling irons, they are made to be simpler to use and offer a more durable style.

Long-lasting effects from hot rollers may last for many hours or the entire day. This is due to the curl becoming more resilient to humidity and other environmental factors by helping to set it with heat. They are also perfect for medium hair and any hair length and for different hair textures.

Hot rollers are highly convenient because you can use them at home, and they don't take much time or work. Moreover, they are transportable and handy.

Blow dryers

To dry and style hair, blow dryers use heated air. They come in different shapes and densities and are made to provide a range of looks, from straight and sleek to voluminous and curly.

Compared to other hair stylings products like flat irons or curling irons, non-infrared blow dryers are frequently less expensive.

Overall, various styling options, including straightening, curling, and drying, are available using non-infrared hair tools. They might not offer the advantages offered by infrared equipment, but they can still be useful for making a range of hairstyles.

Things to consider before buying infrared or non-infrared hair tools

There are numerous crucial considerations to keep in mind when buying a hair styling tool, such as an infrared or non-infrared hair tool:

Hair type

Various hair types call for various style methods. For instance, fine hair or thin hair might need a lower heat setting than thick or coarse hair. Choose a tool that is perfect for your particular hair type after taking your hair type into account.

Temperature control

Look for a tool with variable temperature settings to regulate the heat and protect your hair from heat damage.


The tool's manufacture has an impact on both its longevity and performance. Consider using a titanium, ceramic, or tourmaline tool for best results.


When making a purchase, compare prices and read reviews of various brands. Find a tool that meets your budget by considering the cost range.

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